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Alice in Blockchains Podcast: Josip Vlah - NFT i Metaverse potencijali i izazovi

We are happy to share another episode of the Alice in Blockchains Podcast with you! This time, our guest is Josip Vlah. Josip is an NFT and Metaverse lead at RZLT.IO with several years of experience in technologies such as Augmented Reality, creative artificial intelligence and experimental marketing.

Currently, he is focused on merging the traditional world with the web3 world, where he simultaneously learns the behavior of users and their problems when they encounter web3 technology. It does all this through strategies and creative projects in web3. He is a member of numerous decentralized organizations around the world from GnarsDAO, VoyagerDAO, LilNounsDAO, SharkDAO and others. We discussed his experiences in the DAO world, the differences in NFT communities, and the interesting things and challenges for creators and consumers.

You can also find out what we think about the current state of the NFT market, the potential of Bitcoin Ordinals and Metaverse, and innovations in Croatia.

Listen to the latest episode (in Croatian) on YouTube or Spotify.

In cooperation with Podcast Studio Hrvatska.


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