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Alice in Blockchains 6th Members Meetup: Conversational Experience and Web3

The 6th Members Meetup by Alice in Blockchains took place on the 26th April, bringing together blockchain enthusiasts for a fun and informative event. The meetup, which was held at Infobip, aimed to explore the latest trends and advancements in blockchain technology.

The topic of this meetup was “Conversational Experience and Web3” and our members had the opportunity to listen to three wonderful lectures: Barbara Gjurašin - Women and financial literacy throughout history, Ana Burica - Conversational experience & Belma Gutlić - Evolution of web3.

Through her lecture "Women and Financial Literacy Throughout History," Barbara Gjurašin explained how the beginnings of financial literacy start with the simple management of income and expenses, as it helps us create financial awareness.

After Barbara, Ana Burica followed with a lecture titled "Conversational Experience" in which she demystified what Infobip is involved in and presented how it helps in creating unique communication solutions worldwide. Ana touched upon the implementation of ordering Uber through WhatsApp in India and the Dior campaign that reached brand enthusiasts through WhatsApp conversations.

The final lecutre was held by our VP Belma Gutlić. Her lecture "Evolution of Web3" started with a brief overview of the history of the Internet, from which she highlighed an important fact about the centralization of the internet. Belma pointed out how today the Internet is quite centralized as it is controlled by three major companies. She believes the next step in this evolution is a decentralized network, the next version of the Internet, known as Web 3.0, which will address the problems of centralization.

Thank you Infobip for hosting us!


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