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Web3 Tales Conference: The first web3 conference in Zagreb!

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

We marked the beginning of the month with our long anticipated "Web3 Tales conference", the first web3 conference in Zagreb as well as the first web3 conference where over 70% of the speakers and panelists were women!

The first edition of the Web3 Tales conference was held at the Museum of Contemporary Art. The two-day conference, organized exclusively by women from Alice in Blockchains, brought together a diverse group of global experts who discussed the internet and economic revolution and the potential that the new era of the internet will bring. The conference was a resounding success, with packed lecture halls and a sold-out event, as attendees eagerly engaged with the burning topics of decentralization, the metaverse, NFTs, and Web3.

Web3 represents the next generation of the internet, based on the principles of decentralization and openness, allowing users to independently manage their data and possess digital assets. Simultaneously, through technologies like blockchain and cryptocurrencies, a whole new range of innovations is emerging, such as automated transactions and digital proofs of ownership, which will enhance business efficiency and security.

Discussions revolved around the future of the internet and the potential and practical applications of blockchain technology, decentralized finance, NFTs, Web3 gaming, and the metaverse in our personal and business lives. The conference was designed for both existing enthusiasts and those who are eager to discover the potential offered by this rapidly growing technology. Through lectures, panels, and workshops, participants and attendees learned how Web3 already has numerous applications that are revolutionizing everyday business operations.

In addition to the professional program, the conference also featured various accompanying events, with the most significant being the first NFT exhibition in a cultural institution in Croatia. With this exhibition, Zagreb joined the ranks of major global cities and leaders in digital art such as Paris, New York, and Berlin. The exhibition, titled "Techno Healing - Finding Resilience and Well-Being in a Digital World," showcased the works of 10 artists from around the world who explore themes of feminism in the digital age.

We will use this opportunity to thank all of the speakers and panelists of the conference for the significant contribution: Hajdi, Cenan, Danijela Simeunovic, Carla Ferreri, Amber Ghaddar, Nikola Skoric, Soraya Thompson, Costanza Gallo, Ana Zovko, Belma Gutlic, Juan, Nebojsa Veron, Ida Pandur, Ana Marija Anic, Ines Isljami, Anastasia Angelova, Gretchen Andrew, Mak Muftic, Tanja Bivic Plankar, CJ Hetherington, Harriet Browning, Ana Nives Radovic, Dejan Radic, Justine Massiciote, Evin McMullen, Pavla Mijic, Ana Burica, Marijana Dumancic, Ivana Galic Baksa, Kresimir Koncic, Alen Mestrov & Ivan Markov.

We would also like to say a special thank you to our partner Base 58 and sponsors NeuraLab, Blank, Qlindo, Near Balkans, and Tekuno, Chainsafe, LAQO by Croatia osiguranje, Size, LostHex, Go2Digital, Infobip, Porsche and Bitx.

None of this wouldn't have been possible without the support and work of our organizational team which consisted of 41 Alice in Blockchains members, as well as all the volunteers of the conference. To them we owe the successful realization of the first edition of the Web3 Tales conference.


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