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Alice in Blockchains 7th Members Meetup: Workshop introduction to Decentralized Finance

On the 29th of June, the Alice in Blockchains community gathered once again for their highly anticipated 7th Members Meetup. This time, the event was hosted by ChainSafe, a prominent player in the blockchain space. The focus of the evening was on Decentralized Finance (DeFi), a rapidly evolving sector that is revolutionizing traditional financial systems. Our Alice were treated to an engaging lecture by Ivana Bubalo, followed by a demonstration by Belma Gutlić showcasing the Uniswap platform.

Ivana Bubalo took the stage to deliver a lecture on "DeFi 101." The presentation aimed to provide members of the community with a solid understanding of the fundamental concepts and principles behind Decentralized Finance. Ivana delved into the core elements of DeFi, explaining how it empowers individuals by eliminating intermediaries and enabling direct peer-to-peer transactions.

Following Ivana's insightful lecture, Belma Gutlić took over to shed light on the Uniswap platform. Belma guided the members through the functionalities of Uniswap, demonstrating how to execute swaps and emphasizing the platform's user-friendly interface. Belma's presentation illustrated the potential of Uniswap to provide users with decentralized and secure trading experiences, promoting transparency and control over their assets.

With a focus on Decentralized Finance, the meetup provided our Alice with valuable insights into the world of DeFi through an engaging lecture and practical demonstrations.

Thank you ChainSafe for hosting us!


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