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Alice in Blockchains Podcast: Fintech & web3 Q&A w/ Ana Nives Radović & Magda Milas

We are proud to present a new episode of Alice in Blockchains podcast - our special guest Ana Nives Radović talks about one of the most attractive topics in the world of finance - fintech / financial technologies.


  • What is fintech?

  • Banks and blockchain - education, perspective?

  • Top three advantages of blockchain in banking operations

  • Cryptocurrency regulation - advantages / disadvantages

  • Payment with cryptocurrencies in the EU vs. example of El Salvador

  • Privacy and security in web3 (example of Google and cryptocurrencies)

  • Digital currencies and CBDC (Central bank digital currency)

  • Contactless payments and the introduction of new tech concepts into the mainstream

  • web3 hype & metaverse

  • How Ana Nives feels about the last 12 years in the blockchain world as a woman

  • A message to all women who want to get involved in fintech and web3

Ana Nives Radović is the founder and instructor of Fintech Online Center, co-founder of SUPER Hub, painter of ANR - Art Never Regrets. Author of two online works related to blockchain and fintech "Dividing by Zero" and "Fintechlopedia", she has been present in finance for 18 years, in art for 20 years and has been involved in education in the blockchain domain for the last 10 years. She is currently pursuing a PhD with the topic of blockchain in the supply chain, while her areas of research include the Bayes approach to cryptocurrencies, Financial markets, Eurozone, FinTech, NFT. She is listed among the top 100 FinTech most influential researchers in the world according to the world's largest market of B2B influencers - London 2021 for which she received the "Who's Who in FinTech" award.

Magda Milas is the president and co-founder of Alice in Blockchains, a non-profit association for cryptocurrencies, blockchain and fintech. She graduated marketing from the Faculty of Economics of the University of Zagreb, after which she gained experience working at Erste Bank in the transaction banking department. She continued her work experience at one of the largest Croatian fintechs, Electrocoin, where she was in charge of business development and participated in projects integrating cryptocurrencies as a payment method. She is currently developing the fintech area in one of Croatia’s largest telecoms - A1.

Listen to the latest episode (in Croatian) on YouTube or Spotify.

In cooperation with Podcast Studio Hrvatska.


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