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Alice in Blockchains Podcast: Anton Premec - Podcast Studio Hrvatska

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular formats of expression, and numerous globally famous people have embarked on the adventure of recording podcasts. So, we at the Alice in Blockchains association decided to start our monthly podcast to discuss the essential topics in the fintech, crypto, and blockchain industry from a female perspective in collaboration with Podcast Studio Hrvatska.

Our guest in this episode is Anton Premec, a qualified professional pedagogue and passionate audiophile in practice. In a very relaxed conversation with Anton, we commented on the creation of Podcast Studio Croatia, recording challenges, anecdotes, and clients who recognized the benefits of recording podcasts.


  • How did the story of Podcast Studio Croatia start?

  • What makes Podcast Studio Croatia different from others?

  • Are brands taking full advantage of the podcast potential?

  • Tips on how to avoid the fear of recording and the camera

  • Has the Web3 world, i.e., the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, stimulated the interest of brands because they have become more educated and want to record podcasts in an educational-informative version?

  • Which project was the most memorable for you?

  • How does Podcast Studio Hrvatska cope with the pressures of delivery deadlines and agreements regarding final materials?

  • If you could choose one famous person to record a podcast, who would it be and why?

  • More details about the mission and vision, and activities of the Alice in Blockchains association

  • Tips to make the process of recording podcast episodes easier for clients

Listen to the latest episode (in Croatian) on YouTube or Spotify.

In cooperation with Podcast Studio Hrvatska.


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