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Alice in Blockchains 9th Members Meetup: Financial Literacy & Investing!

November 7th was all about financial literacy & investing!

For our 9th Members Meetup we were joined by the amazing Toni Milun. Toni Milun is a highly regarded financial educator and investor with a stella track record. He has dedicated his career to helping individuals from all walks of life achieve financial success and independence. His expertise covers a wide range of financial topics, including: investing strategies, financial literacy, wealth building, education & online presence.

Toni is also an award-winning Mathematics professor and a university specialist in economics. He has received the “Ponos Hrvatske” (Pride of Croatia) award and the Zagreb Stock Exchange Academy recognition for his contributions to education in mathematics and finance.

The topic of our 9th meetup was "Financial Literacy & Investing". Together with Toni, we leared about personal finances, budgeting, investing and investment funds, pension plans, and useful platforms that are available to all of us and can help educate ourselves about these topics even more and make them more "user friendly".

To round off the educational part, we played a round of Financial Kahoot prepared by Toni to test our understanding of the subjects that were covered. The winners received free membership in Toni's Finance Academy!

Toni shared some valuable advice with our members, as well as the golden rule of finances "50:30:20". Fifty percent of your income should go to your utilities and necessities, such as food, gas, repayments, etc. Thirty percent of your income should be for you to spend on leisure and pleasure. Twenty percent of your income should be put aside.

"If you normally drink four coffees a day at the café next to your work, tomorrow ditch the 4th and put the 2€ aside. That's how you can start saving with simple but effective baby steps. You are not depriving yourself of anything, you still have the other three coffees. That's why it's effective. And I'm sure your body will thank you as well!"

A big thank you to Toni Milun for joining us at our 9th Members Meetup and sharing his expertise and knowledge with us. Thank you to all the Alice that joined us as well!

Special thanks to ChainSafe for hosting us!


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