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Alice in Blockchains 8th Members Meetup: From Idea to Action!

After the well deserved summer break, we officially reopened the meetup season on the 4th of October, and the Alice in Blockchains community gathered for our 8th Members Meetup! This meetup was organized in collaboration with Spona (formerly Top Digital Agency) - a global B2B platform that helps businesses streamline the process of hiring and managing digital service sellers.

We started things off with a welcome speech by our president, Magda Milas & Spona's Chief Operational Officer, Lehady Sani Agatha. While this was our 8th meetup, it was also Spona's 1st meetup since they rebranded themselves from Top Digital Agency to Spona. We are honored to be a part of the begining of their meetup story and grateful for their openness to host this experience.

The topic of our 8th meetup was "From Idea to Action", throughout which we tackled project management, its phases, personal experiences, and best practices. Our dear member and Spona's Legal Counsel, Iva Matijević, opened the meetup with a lecture on project management titled "Effective Project Initiation: From idea to action". Iva took us on a journey through all five stages of project management, shared some personal experiences and provided useful advice for future project enthusiasts.

The second part of the meetup was reserved for a panel disscusion titled "How to initiate new projects in fintech and web3" with our panelists Morana Vukić Perak (Electrocoin), Belma Gutlić (ChainSafe), Magda Milas (A1), all moderated by Garry Mendez (Spona).

Through the panel we got to hear more about how the panelists handle project initiation in fintech and web3, some personal experiences and memories from their first projects, as well as some good tips & tricks on how to put yourself out there, make connections, secure more funding, and promote your project.

"You're first product will always be imperfect and you will always be embarrassed of it, but you just have to put it out there. Better finished than perfect!" said Belma Gutlić.

The meetup season started of with a banger and we are already so excited to finally be back and tackle this new season of Alice in Blockchains with all of you!

Special thanks to the whole Spona team, Lehady Sani Agatha, Garry Mendez, Iva Matijević & Morana Vukić Perak!


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